Power BI Saturday – Power BI Data Modeling

Power BI Saturday – Power BI Data Modeling

If you work with Power BI or Power Pivot, you definitely need to “get“ data modeling. You have data, and you have Power BI. So why can’t you glean any real insights from the data? Or maybe you’re dealing with a different problem: as you examine your data, you’re struggling to write the formula that provides the numbers you need. Either way, your problem is most likely with the data model.

The easiest way to create a data model in Power BI and is to gather the data “as is” from a data source, define relationships, and then start designing reports. But this approach raises several issues when you have too many tables, or different levels of granularity.

In this session, the expert in Power BI and Data modeling Marco Russo, who’s written several Microsoft books about Power BI, will show you how to structure your data tables into Star Schema and why it is so beneficial for the performance of your data model.

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