Power BI Saturday - Power BI Administration Tips

Power BI Saturday – Power BI Administration Tips

This session is presented by the Data Platform MVP Rishi Sapra who works as a senior consultant at Altius, which is a joint venture between Avanade and Microsoft. What he will cover in this is how and what to govern around Power BI, and then looking at internal and external sharing and collaboration.

Power BI governance is a very big area, and it’s something that is one of the musts for those big organizations with a lot of users that got a great number of Power BI assets. in which we mostly see so many workspaces, reports, dashboards, or be created and be used, shared by whoever, whether with whoever and there’s no real governance or understanding of what’s happening in the estate or what the right approaches.

 This session is all about getting that balance between self-service. Allowing people to go in and be able to create content as they want, and also be able to have control and governance while not making it a bottleneck.

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