Power Apps Saturday - Data and delegation in Canvas Apps

Power Apps Saturday – Data and delegation in Canvas Apps

The key to building efficient Power Applications is to minimize the amount of data that must be brought to your device. Perhaps you need only a handful of records from a sea of millions, or a single aggregate value can represent thousands of records. Or perhaps only the first set of records can be retrieved, and the rest brought in as the user gestures that they want more. Being focused can dramatically reduce the processing power, memory, and network bandwidth that your app needs, resulting in snappier response times for your users, even on phones connected via a cellular network.

Delegation is where the expressiveness of Power Apps formulas meets the need to minimize data moving over the network. In short, Power Apps will delegate the processing of data to the data source, rather than moving the data to the app for processing locally.

This session is presented by the Power Platform and Cloud Specialist Ritika Agarwal, she walks through on how to set up delegation within Power Apps with various data sources.

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