ALM Power Platform Build Tools 365Saturday

Microsoft Power Platform Build Tools for Azure DevOps

In this session we will see how to implement the Application life cycle management(ALM) with Microsoft Power Platform using Microsoft Power Platform Build Tools. I will be covering the components, tools and process needed to implement ALM. Dharani will explain how to setup the source control, Power Platform Build Tools and setting up the build and release pipeline using the Power Platform Build Tools. And I will show the system demo on how to move the PowerApps and Power automate from one instance to other using this process. These will be brought to life with live demos that will showcase what is possible and help you get started on your ALM journey.

In this session execute a Powershell script to export solution from development into source control;

Setup your Visual Studio Solutions ready to allow Unpacking to GIT

Add Solution Components such as Power Automate Flows and Webresources to your Solution Builds

Configure the build tools in Azure to deploy your Dynamics 365 Power Apps solution artefacts using s2s service account

Configure approval processes for release definitions to deploy soltions from QA / Test to Target / Production

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