How To Prepare for a D365 FinOps / Supply Chain upgrade - Peter Prokopecz

FinOps Saturday – How To Prepare for a D365 FinOps / Supply Chain upgrade

This Session is presented by Peter Prokopecz, He is an AX Technical Lead at JJ Foodservice, and also the owner of the DAXVision ERP Consulting where he manages a small technical team that helps in different AX projects with different versions even upgrades to D365.

He studied IT engineering and recently last year finished his MBA. He has worked with AX Since 2003 as a trade and logistics consultant and developer and technical architect. Recently, he became more involved in technical and less involved in functional things.

In this session, Peter will talk about the reasons why JJ Foodservice decided to upgrade sharing the thought process behind the decision from his point of view which is functional technical and also do some demos showing LCS and AX developer environment.

To introduce JJ Foodservice, JJ Foodservice is a UK Food & Drink wholesaler and that has been operating for 30 years and the orders can be posted from the website or mobile app or you can go to the counter and even if you post your order you can decide if you collect it from the counter or you want it to be delivered to your home. The main business was B2B but the business delivers to individuals also and now from the pandemic, more efforts were done in giving a very good service to individuals and according to Peter’s opinion, he thinks that JJ foodservice may be the only company in UK who can do same-day delivery in some areas and can do a same-day collection. So this is quite unique and the company uses AX for a long time more than 10 years started with 3.0 and upgraded through each version

The orders can be placed through the website or a mobile app so if you have a look at the website, this is an e-commerce site that maintained and developed by the development team and it is integrated to AX but not written in in AX or parts of it. So, there are integrations and many of the business logic runs in AX and there is everything going to AX and API’s too for the communication. So, there are products and baskets and predictive analysis tools to help the customer choose what they want to buy and the background is AX 2012.

So why JJ Foodservice decided to upgrade? One main reason is standardization as well as other important reasons as Peter will explain in this session.

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