FinOps Saturday - Warehousing Deep-dive

FinOps Saturday – Warehousing Deep-dive

This session is presented by Guy Terry, a Finance and Operations consultant working in the UK for a partner in terms of the warehouse module

Microsoft released it into AX 2012, Guy Terry worked on some implementations in 2012. He got introduced to the Warehousing module at its early stages when it first belonged into Blue Horseshoe as it was called the advanced warehouse module which is an add-on that you could get for r3 and before Microsoft purchased it and put into the standard product.

Guy Terry will be covering some topics that most warehouses he thinks would have some interaction with. In most warehouses you will find a responsible for receiving purchase orders and most warehouses are shipping sales and in terms of sales orders then loads and shipments are always used sometimes deliberately and purposefully and sometimes they just get ignored and on the inbound purchase order side then you can also lose loads. So this session will cover those two then move on to something called waves which is something you use on the outbound side and it leads into some new functionality Guy wants to show you which is a neat way of building loads automatically if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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