FinOps Saturday - Document Automation for FinOps and AX

FinOps Saturday – Document Automation for FinOps and AX

This session is presented by Johannes Linder, Lead Technical Evangelist at Dox42. He has gained great SharePoint project know-how in different industries and frequently contributes his knowledge and learnings on international conferences, in webinars, and blog posts. Apart from SharePoint his job also is integrating Dox42 into a great variety of other technologies and applications (MS Dynamics CRM, SAP, MS Flow, etc.) as well as supporting customers and partners in implementing Dox42 projects.

when it comes to document automation it usually is the question of structured documents and the challenge faced with most of the organizations is that structured documents nowadays also with the trends that it’s not only going to be just one system at all. Structured documents have to come from many many different data sources and well, of course, there is finance and operations today but also there are a lot of organizations who want to use the best from finance and operations and the best from CE and also with the common data service Microsoft is pushing that and the challenge is to get all from these different data items the right documents at the right time. Will it be email, will it be powerpoints, will it be documents, and most often these documents are not linked to printing documents. It’s digital but for invoices and quotes, you want to have a document you want to be able to send that to the customers, and here where Dox42 can offer you one of the best solutions out there.

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