Everything in source control even the CICD pipelines for Azure workloads Devops Training 365 Saturday

Everything in source control even the CI/CD pipelines for Azure workloads

This session will give you a complete walkthrough that covers the end-to-end process for how to build and deploy the application to Azure cloud, and how to use the pipeline as a code such as packages of Nuget, NPM, Azure artefacts, Docker Registry, security credentials and more!

We should follow the principle of the build compilation execution once for multiple deployments to remain efficiency in your deployments.

The session will cover many things, part of that, creating the application infrastructure on Azure cloud, then creating a pipeline as code using YAML configuration Language. The pipeline includes multi-stage configuration which means build and deployment instructions in the same YAML file. After that, showing how to build a sample application, running the unit tests then storing the application package on the package management storage on the cloud. Then, deploying the application to the cloud environment and more.

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