Wael Hamze DevOps for PowerPlatform CDS Dynamics CE 365 Saturday

DevOps for PowerPlatform CDS Dynamics CE

Wael Hamze is a Microsoft MVP and author of the very first and very popular CICD build tools for Dynamics 365, in this session he shows the new features of the build tools for azure devops as well as the new Power Apps Solution enhancements for deployments power platform artefacts . Solutions can transport many of your components/changes across your environments. However there are many other things you will need to consider when looking to achieving full build and release automation on your Dynamics 365/CDS/Power Platform Projects. In this session we will go beyond solutions and show you how to automate some of other manual steps in releases that you can’t do using solutions. This will help you become more productive and achieve higher level of consistency in your builds and releases. Tackling some common issues such as how to delete attributes deployed to production using managed holding solutions, as well as deploying configuration data artefacts such as themes.

Sharing some useful Azure pipleline tasks such as switching UAT environments into administrator mode, execute backups etc

Managing service endpoints and tokens by using a service endpoint Json to pass secure configurations using environment variables in solution variables using build tasks for solutions based on environments.

Powershell commandlets to manage your environments and manage permissions and flows as well as manage DLP Policies.

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