Call Centre Solutions with Unified Service Desk & Omni Channel

Customer Engagement CDS Saturday – Unified Service Desk / Omni Channel

Neil Parkhurst is a Microsoft and freelance consultant and also a Microsoft certified trainer and one of the early experts in USD and Omni Channel. Neil will be talking presenting to both the Microsoft solutions and how it took customer service to the next level.

In this session, you will hear a lot about USD which is in a quick overview, Unified Service Desk (USD) for Dynamics 365 model-driven apps provides a configurable framework for quickly building applications for call centers so that agents can get a unified view of the customer data stored in the Common Data Service platform. You can aggregate customer information from different areas in the Common Data Service platform into an integrated desktop that provides a 360° view of the customer interactions. This gives your customer service agents immediate access to business-critical information so they can quickly engage with customers and address queries and issues.

You will also hear the Term Omnichannel. Omnichannel for Customer Service is a Microsoft solution in Dynamics 365 that offers a suite of capabilities that extend the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise to enable organizations to instantly connect and engage with their customers across digital messaging channels. An additional license is required to access Omnichannel for Customer service.

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