Paul Heisterkamp Build release automation deep dive for Dynamics 365 FinOps

Build release automation deep dive for Dynamics 365 FinOps

When developing extensions for Dynamics 365 F&O Apps you should setup a proper ALM process including build and release automation. In this session you will learn how to setup and use build and release automation in Azure DevOps for your Dynamics 365 F&O Apps. Paul Heisterkamp is a Microsoft Fast Track Architect who covers the following topics to help you on your Devops journey. His first tip is to not use the Create deployable package option in visual studio for your Dynamics 365 FinOps projects! Uses gated checkins to protect your development branches, and creating custom build pipelines in azure using YML for GIT.
– Components for build/release automation

– Build/release automation process

– Setup of build automation

– Self-hosted agent vs. (Microsoft) hosted agent

– Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Tools

– Setup of release automation

– Special challenges during build/release automation

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