Build custom Azure DevOps tasks to turbocharge your release process Devops Training Manchester

Build custom Azure DevOps tasks to turbocharge your release process

This workshop is actually aimed to help you start creating your own build pipeline tasks and extending logic creating a custom build task project using the powerapps, flow, Azure and DevOps CLIs or using custom C# code. Concepts that Jack covers include;

  • Build Agent is a virtual machine that can perform build tasks can be Microsoft or self hosted, Agents are created in an agent pool that perform approvals, branch control etc.
  • Implementing a custom build task project using typescript and the best practices for project structure and layout and tasks 
  • Implementing unit tests for your custom build task project
  • Setting up CI/CD for your custom build task project so you can automatically share updates (parameterised, so you can share preview tasks or production tasks) with Azure DevOps organisations automatically. 
  • Linking your project to GitHub if you wanted to. I wanted to talk about the future with GitHub actions coming into play, I want people to understand why Satya Nadella spent 5 minutes in his keynote talking about GitHub actions at MS Build. This will be really important for ISVs in the future. 
  • I wanted to demonstrate an example of some whopper build tasks that I’ve created myself and show people how they can use my tasks or even create them themselves if they wanted to. 

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