Automate Saturday - Power Automate Tips, Tricks, and Real-Life Examples

Automate Saturday – Power Automate Tips, Tricks, and Real-Life Examples

Microsoft has three clouds right it has office it has dynamics and it has Azure and what power platform is to me is really a convergence of all these. So power platform makes those three different clouds individual clouds and we have these apps on which are your power apps for acting on data part Power BI for analyzing that data Power Automate for automating and Power Virtual Agents for automating self-service BOTS.

So it really pulls these three different clouds together and Power Automate Antti thinks that it is really at the center of everything. So that is really that glue that glues all these three different clouds together and allows us to automate and integrate those clouds into a single whole from a professional point of view. Power Automate has really transitioned the way Antti is able to deliver value to my customers immensely and he thinks it is by far and it’s the most important part on the whole platform as it has really transitioned he can do as a functional consultant to a completely another level.

More that stuff where I need at a develop if for, I can now do that on my own now with power comes responsibility.

In this session, you will learn some best practices around building flows so that your flows are efficient and they don’t fail and they can scale so when a customer’s business scales you need to make sure that your flow scales with your customer’s business and can really handle all the scale scenarios that you’re thinking that it will when you’re building it for small scale at first.

You can follow Antti on Twitter and Linkedin and you can download Slides here also the Flows here.

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