Automate Saturday - Automate Blockchain Workflows

Automate Saturday – Automate Blockchain Workflows

This session is presented by Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft RD (Regional Director) and MVP in three categories: Azure, AI, and Business Applications. Author and a regular speaker at international conferences, including Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summit.

In this session, Stefano will be mentioning the term Blockchain and most of you may associate blockchain with Bitcoin however, you will not be seeing what you used to get before. It is not about cryptocurrency so it’s not about giving financial advice on investment.

Stefano will talk about Blockchain Workbench, blockchain Service, and Blockchain Development Kit.

These are three powerful applications that you can find in the Azure platform which respectively will enable you to create Blockchain workflow.

what you will also go through in this session, is understand what these workflows are and what they are meant to be and why they are important to deploy a Blockchain infrastructure.

So what is Blockchain? Well blockchain is a combination of a computing networking storage. It is distributed or it is decentralized. So, in still runs somewhere in the cloud but there is still no one that owns this infrastructure. Is a Peer-To-Peer network. still we need some sort of Bristol machines or containers any or a decentralized architecture.

Blockchain Service is a service in Azure where you can deploy Blockchain networks infrastructure in minutes then when Blockchain runs there is computing also storage. How do we connect external applications? like website CRM, ERP system, Dynamics CRM Power Apps into a Blockchain Network? That’s the power of the development kit.

The Development kit is embedded in Power Automate it’s one of the hundreds of connectors that are available, and you can just use it for the integration of any external system with a Blockchain network as if you deploy it on Azure. There are a few of these blockchain Ledger’s or frameworks that can be deployed.

Stefano will also deep diving on the Blockchain technology and demonstrating how to automate workflows in Blockchain.

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