Automate Saturday - An Introduction to Custom Connectors and APIs

Automate Saturday – An Introduction to Custom Connectors and APIs

Joe Unwin also is known as Flow Joe who’s currently a community content creator Power Platform enthusiast and most notably Power Automate. Joe is a senior power platform developer for a Microsoft Partner.

Joe is from a ProDev background. He has been working in the automation development and testing site for over 10 years. He also creates content that breaks down ProDev complexity for people that don’t necessarily have a developer background so make sure to check his blog and follow his Youtube Channel. You can also connect with him via Twitter.

for the people that don’t actually have APIs for their back-end services etc, they can use that to grab data. For those businesses that have a service that’s already connected to the Internet, they most notably have an API.

There is a business requirement for you to actually get data from your service into the Power Platform which is Custom Connectors and it fulfill that role.

In this session, you will be looking at what are APIs and looking at what are they actually used for and then you are going to see a pre-built custom connector being built live towards the end of the demonstration.

You can also download the slides from here.

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