AI and Chatbots Saturday – Introduction to Power Virtual Agents

This session is presented by the Microsoft MVP Dion taylor, originally from the Netherlands, based in the US. She works for RSM in their TMC technology management consulting practice as a director. You may want to take a look at similar content by following her on LinkedIn and Twitter as well as he blog. She posts videos every week.

The session is going to be an introduction to Power Virtual Agents we’re will be covering a little bit about how can you set up a very quick 30-day trial and which is so recommended to be doing so that you can play around with it a little bit get to understand how it works and all the different components

Later, Dion will be talking about the topics and the Trigger Phrases, what are those things and how do they work together, The authoring canvas and also presenting up to 4 demos. Then there will be Entities and then more demos.

Power Virtual Agent is Microsoft’s version of a chatbot. The big difference here is that Power Virtual Agent allows users to create these bots using very simple and an easy to use interface really without the need of code. You could still put code in there but you don’t have to and that’s really a big difference with Microsoft’s version of that.

So also keep in mind that Microsoft designed Power Virtual Agents really with three key personas in mind right so one is going to be:

Your Internal Customers, and these could be internal like employees, think about an HR you could have an HR bot that you put on sharepoint and Internal Customers can then write ask questions to the bot without having to call your HR department it could be external customers obviously as well right think about going to a website and asking about the status of your order.

The second part of this is the Subject Matter experts, and these are just the people that really don’t know a lot about coding probably nothing but they do have they are experts in regards to what should the bot talk about, what are some of the topics should be discussed or allow people to talk about with this bot so that’s kind of what that subject matter expert is.

And then lastly we have the ability for the admin and development in case we do want to add some code. But again, it’s not required and that’s what makes this so exciting.

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