AI and Chatbots Saturday – how to leverage MS Teams, Microsoft Bot Framework & Flows to chat with your CRM

In this session, the Chatbot expert Artur Zielinski who has worked chatbot solutions across multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Teams, will be talking about the importance of using chatbots for your business and also demonstrating live multiple scenarios where chatbots can respond to your customer requests seamlessly and in seconds.

Leveraging chatbots in talking with your CRM is a debut for Artur who has been working on this solution and as he previously mentioned that it’s not only a demonstration but it’s also a gift from his team to the community to hopefully raise some interest in this topic. In this session will spend few minutes going through some of the history and how they got there and looking at some videos of some of the previous demonstrations of this technology also will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of the product as well as the last bit will be the installation and deployment process. So in brief demonstrations of what can you do with messenger and a couple of logic apps and your CDS.

To start with, a use case is a dental surgery where you can go and register as a new patient and book an appointment in a straightforward booking process and registration through messenger.

As a second demo, Artur will demonstrate an image recognition use case for a car park company, where you can book a spot with only your mobile number and an image of your license plate your vehicle.

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