AI and Chatbots Saturday – Dynamics 365 AI Chatbot for the Real Estate and Property Market

This session is presented by Aya Metwally, She is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer at TechLabs London. Responsible and detail-oriented developer with over 3 years of experience.

A chatbot is a machine it works for you 24/7 and it’s not an agent so it doesn’t have working hours, as well as no problems such as client, cannot reach out the Real Estate agents wherein Real Estate the key element is the leads.

So, it’s very important to make sure you are getting the leads and not all the leads you get are the ones continue out with you through the process of a real estate. So you need an agent that carries on working for you that 24/7. It is non-stop sales it works day and night as it has been established to work 24/7 on your weekends and holidays. So you also got a chatbot that filters the leads to hot leads, cold or warm leads and only hot leads get to continue with you. And the solution also has chatbot can work multi-threading it can service ten to fifty people at the same point while having this as human beings you can say how much can work maybe if someone worked on call centers can know how difficult to be working with different customers maintaining the same service and answering them correctly with the same quality. It’s really a headache for a person and can get started quickly and cost consuming. When having a chatbot in place you won’t be facing those issues and you get the artificial intelligence to work for you on the cross cell and up still and make your sales for you instead of you going to market for your products they can just go search instead of getting fliers and distributing them. You’ve got it all on Cloud and saved.

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